Division of Extension Programs


Terence Linhart, Ph.D., Executive Director of Bethel University Extension Programs

Kristi Monesmith, M.S., Academic Director of Bethel University Extension Programs

Jordan Dillon, M.A., Director of Church Partnerships

Undergraduate Programs:

General Studies (A.A.)

Ministry Leadership

Business Administration

Business Marketing

Cyber Security

Behavioral and Social Science


Department Mission:

The mission of the Extension Studies (BUX) department is to serve local churches by offering accredited, affordable, and accessible degrees at church locations while apprenticing students in the ministries of the church or local businesses.

  1. Accredited Degrees:  To provide accredited degrees and curriculum that are approved by Bethel faculty and must meet accreditation requirements for hours on task, assessments, and qualified faculty.
  2. Affordable Path:  To provide an inexpensive path to completion with a cost that is at least one-third of the regular cost of regular tuition for on-campus programs.
  3. Accessible Instruction:  To overcome the common obstacles for a university education by partnering with churches across the United States to offer various degrees in local communities close to students and families.
  4. Practical Integration:  To better prepare students for future vocational leadership by allowing students to take semester-long, structured, and supervised practicums that integrate knowledge with practice and Christian leadership.
  5. Missional Instruction:  To provide all content and core courses that are taught from a Christ-centered perspective within a liberal arts tradition.

Extension Sites

Extension studies offer a combination of accelerated, on-site, and online courses based on each church's curriculum design.  Semester-long courses parallel the traditional calendar while online and on-site accelerated courses match the 7-week schedule of Bethel's Adult and Graduate Studies department.  Entire degree programs in Ministry Leadership, Behavioral & Social Science, Business Administration, Business Marketing, and Cyber Security can be offered at extension sites.