Division of Adult and Graduate Studies


Terence Linhart, Ph.D., Dean of Adult and Graduate Studies

Joy Barnes, D.N.P., Coordinator of B.S.N Completion and Master of Science in Nursing programs

James Bennett, M.S.Ed., Coordinator of AGS Education program

Terry Chi, Ph.D. Coordinator of Behavioral and Social Science and Master of Counseling programs

Dale Gadd, Ph.D., AGS Coordinator of Instruction, Director of the PLA

Chad Meister, Ph.D., Coordinator of Christian Leadership and Master of Arts in Ministry programs

Alice Ramos, Ph.D., Coordinator of Cyber Security program

Undergraduate Programs:

Behavioral & Social Science

Bible & Ministry

Business Administration

Business Marketing

Christian Leadership

Cyber Security

Human Services

Interdisciplinary Studies


Organizational Management

Graduate Programs

Master of Arts in Counseling

Master of Arts in Ministry

Master of Arts in Teaching

Master of Arts in Theological Studies

Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministries

Master of Arts in Sport Administration

Master of Business Administration

Master of Education

Master of Science in Nursing

Transition to Teaching

A list of fully online programs can be viewed on the Bethel University website.

Department Mission:

The mission of the Adult and Graduate Studies is to serve adult students by:

  1. Offering innovative academic programs designed to meet the special needs of adult learners.
  2. Providing support services for adult learners.
  3. Integrating adult students into the Bethel University community.
  4. Assisting adults in reaching their full career potential.
  5. Encouraging the development of Christian faith and perspective in adult learning experiences.

Undergraduate Program Offerings

Accelerated Programs

Accelerated courses generally meet on weekday evenings, and online. On campus classes are held in four-hour blocks of time for 7 weeks. Entire degree programs in Christian Leadership, Business, Interdisciplinary Studies, and Organizational Management are offered in a nontraditional, accelerated format on campus.

Prior Learning Assessment

Adult students that have acquired college-level learning and/or competencies through professional training or significant life experience may validate this knowledge through the Prior Learning Assessment program. The program utilizes essays, examinations and other forms of documentation to petition for credit through qualified faculty evaluators. The essay process cannot be used for teacher certification programs. A fee per semester hour credit is charged; see the section on Tuition and Fees. For more details regarding this program and to schedule an individual assessment, contact the Adult & Graduate Studies office at 800-422-4251.

Admission Steps for Adult Students

  1. Request an application for admission form from the Adult and Graduate Studies office or submit an online application at www.betheluniversity.edu.
  2. Forward paper application forms to the Adult and Graduate Studies office.
  3. Have your high school transcript or GED/HSE/TASC scores sent to the Adult and Graduate studies office unless you have earned 30 semester hours of credit from a regionally accredited college or university.
  4. Have official transcripts from each college or university attended sent to the Adult and Graduate Studies office. If you have military credit, submit a copy of your military transcript.
  5. Fulfill university proficiency requirements in reading, math and English. Ask an enrollment counselor to determine your status.
  6. Complete the FAFSA (if applying for financial aid).
  7. Schedule a registration appointment with an enrollment counselor. Steps 5 and 6 above can be completed in the same time block as step 7 if prior arrangements are made with the counselor. This can be arranged by phoning (574) 807-7550 (local) or (800) 422-4251 (long distance).