Academic Structure

Division of Humanities and Social Studies

Department of Business

Department of Education

Department of History and Contemporary Society

Department of Literature and Language Studies

Department of Psychology

Department of Religion and Philosophy

Department of Sign Language Interpreting

Division of Arts and Sciences

Department of Art

Department of Biology and Chemistry

Department of Kinesiology

Department of Mathematical and Engineering Sciences

Department of Music

Department of Theatre Arts

School of Nursing

Majors and Minors

Following are the degrees offered at Bethel University. Unless otherwise noted, majors and minors are on the baccalaureate degree. Endorsements are for teacher certification.

Accounting B.A. Major
American Sign Language Minor
Applied Politics B.A. Major
Art Education B.A. Major
Behavioral and Social Science (Adult Program) B.S. Major
Bible & Ministry (Adult Program) A.A. Major
Biblical Languages Minor
Biblical Studies A.A. Major
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology B.S. Major
Biology B.S. Major
Business Administration MBA Master
(Adult Online Program) B.A. Major
Business Minor
Business Management B.A. Major
Business Marketing  B.A. Major
Business A.A. Major
(Adult Online Program) A.A. Major
Chemistry B.S. Major
Christian Leadership B.A. Major
Christian Ministries B.A. Major
Biblical Studies Concentration
Children’s Ministries Concentration
Christian Ministries Concentration
Sports Ministries Concentration
TESOL Concentration
Youth Ministries Concentration
Communication B.A. Major
Computer Science B.A. Major
Counseling M.A.C.
Criminal Justice A.A. Major
B.A. Major
Cyber Security  B.S. Major
Deaf Studies A.A. Major
Design Minor
Early Childhood Education B.A. Major
A.A. Major
Economics & Finance Minor
B.A. Major
Economics Minor
Education M.A.T. Master
M.Ed. Master
Elementary Education B.A. Major
Engineering and Management B.S. Major
English as a New Language  B.A. Major 
English and Writing B.A. Major
English Minor
English Education B.A. Major
Exercise Science B.A. Major
Family Studies Minor
Financial Services Professional B.A. Major
General Studies (Adult Program) A.A. Major
Graphic Design B.A. Major
Health/Physical Education (see P.E.) B.A. Major
History B.A. Major
Humanities B.A. Major
Intercultural Studies B.A. Major
Interdisciplinary Studies (Adult Program) Minor
B.A. Major
International Health B.S. Major
Junior High/Middle School Elementary Endorsement
Senior High/Junior High/Middle School Standard Secondary License
Leadership Minor
Liberal Studies B.A. Major
A.A. Major
Marketing B.A. Major
Mathematics B.S. Major
Math/Physics (Engineering) B.S. Major
Mathematics Education B.S. Major
Ministry Master of Arts
Church Music Minor
Music B.A. Major

Performance B.A. Major
Education (Choral/General) B.A. Major
Education (Choral, General, Instrumental) B.A. Major
Education (Instrumental/General) B.A. Major
Nursing Master of Science
B.S.N. Major
(Adult Program) B.S.N. Completion
A.D.N. Major
Organizational Management (Adult Program) B.S. Major
Pastoral Ministries Master of Arts
B.A. Major
Philosophy B.A. Major
Physical Education/Health (also see Sport Studies) All grades B.A. Major
Physics Minor
Psychology B.A. Major
Science Education Biology B.S. Major
Science Education - Chemistry B.S. Major
Sign Language Interpreting B.A. Major
Social Studies Education B.A. Major
U.S. History & Government Required Core Concentration
World History Required Core Concentration
Economics Concentration
Geography Concentration
Psychology Concentration
Sociology Concentration
Sociology B.A. Major
Spanish Minor
Special Education Minor
Sport Administration Master of Arts
Sport Management  B.A. Major 
Sport Studies B.A. Major
Studio Arts B.A. Major
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages Major
Teaching M.A.T. Master
Theatre Arts B.A. Major

Musical Theatre Minor
Theological Studies MATS, Master
Worship Arts B.A. Major
Youth Ministry Minor