Department of Sign Language Interpreting


Edwin Carrington, M.A.


Deaf Studies

Sign Language Interpreting

Department Mission:

The mission of the department of sign language interpreting is to graduate students who excel in effective communication, seek to participate in a vibrant community of interpreters, and embrace the cause of equality for persons who are disenfranchised due to a degree of hearing loss.

The department challenges students to develop competency in English and American Sign Language and to possess decision-making, problem-solving and interpersonal skills. We seek to encourage students’ exploration of professional and personal ethics, social justice, and their role as an interpreter within the human service sector.

Department Distinctives:

Majors are required to take the national written exam by the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, Inc. prior to leaving for their practicum.

Majors are required a 10 week Practicum course (250 hours) during their senior, spring semester. Arrangements for this course are made between the Practicum instructor and the student. A student must have his/her own transportation, locate housing, and have full-time availability for the 10 weeks. Any expenses incurred during the practicum process are the sole responsibility of the student and cannot be refunded. This includes the tuition for the course, INT 450, any testing taken related to placement, dropping courses and change of graduation application, or other incidental expenses typical of preparation for practicum. Department Chair approval required.

Due to the content and instructional format of the major, students taking any level of the American Sign Language courses at Bethel University must maintain “significant progress” in their study of an individual course. “Significant progress” means a student must receive a C or better at one level of course work within a reasonable time. The reasonable time is limited to two semesters. Failing to do so will result in the prohibition of registering and retaking the same level of ASL course. The effective date of this policy is August 25, 2003.